Dynamic triaxial

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Product Brand : Global Material Testing Manufacturers (MTM)
Dynamic triaxial is one of the most well-known & practical geotechnical engineering apparatuses that is used in laboratory studies in which with simulation of sample stress in depth, bearing strength, bearing stiffness and other soil dynamical & mechanical parameters are defined. Drainage control, Consolidation Stress, loading type (stress control- strain control), monotonic or cyclic loading and … during application of bear to sample are the most important features of the apparatus. As regards to diverse fields and applications, different apparatus has been designed for this test and in each model specified parameters can be evaluated in a wider period. Loading system, loading frequency, sample geometry, stress path, saturation point control and apparatus loading capacity are factors that may be vary in different apparatuses. For instance, dynamic-hydraulic triaxial has specifically designed to determine dynamic parameters in high frequencies & full scale triaxial has defined to test coarse-grained materials. In the following table similarities & differences between dynamic triaxial apparatuses are presented in brief.
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