polyethylene pipes

100 Centimeter/Centimeters (Minmun Order)
Hardware, Tools & Industrial Parts / Industrial Parts / Pipe Fittings
Production Country : Iran
Product Brand : Lule Gostar Golpayegan
PE(polyethylene) Applications of PE pipes 1. Urban and rural water supply and sewage networks 2. Construction of drainage networks 3. Rural and urban gas distribution networks 4. Pressurized irrigation networks (drip, sprinkler and animated) 5. Transmission of industrial fluids and sewage system 6. highly abrasive liquids System 7. Covering of power cables, telecommunication and optic fiber 8. Steel oil pipes covering Benefits and Features of PE pipes of Lule Gostar Manufacturing Company of Golpayegan 1. Resistance to heat and chill 2. Resistance to pressure, impact and abrasion 3. Resistance to chemical corrosion and rot 4. Resistance to sunlight 5. Infrared and UV resistance 6. Excellent resistance to vibrations from earthquakes 7. The loop and branch supply capabilities 8. Usability in rough terrain 9. Long life and corrosion protection
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