Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat

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Production Country : Iran
Product Brand : Nanosat
Iran Iran
Nano Shargh Abzar-e Toos Co.

1st year inTradekala

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Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat Our liquid nitrogen cryostat is ideal for experiments which require 77 K base temperature, a large sample space and a minimum number of windows in the optical beam path thus reducing reflective losses. Provides low temperatures for studying optics, electronics and magnets of nanostructures Utilizing 4 Quartz windows for optical access Precise control of temperature in a Range of -196 OC to +100 OC
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Nano Shargh Abzar-e Toos Co.
1st year inTradekala
  • Country :Iran
  • Ownership : Limited Liability Company; Ltd. Co
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