chelated fertilizer complete Super micro

100 Kilogram (Minmun Order)
Agriculture & Livestock / Agricuture / Agricultural Pesticides and fertilizers
Production Country : Iran
Product Brand : Sepeher Parmis
Super micro plus consists of 11 basic elements required by plants in the form of absorbable ions with following percentages: (N 5% + Cu 0.65% + Mg 6% + K 3% + Mn 0.7% + Zn 8% + Fe 4.5% + P 3% + Ca 6 % + B 0.1%+ MO 0.65%) Advantage This product according to the type of manufacturing can be used in all climatic conditions. The fertilizer with the appropriate amount of nutrients for plants, in a short time can show the effects and bring a significant increase in performance in horticultural products and crops, field and greenhouse. Since the availability of soil analysis in many cases is not possible, This product can provide a good balance of nutrients needed for plants in the soil at the beginning of consumption. Such a combination compensate any potential shortfall in the soil and it is an excellent fertilizer that provide the plant needs to be supplied, existence of elements and amount balancing of them in “Super micro complete with 11 elements” produced by knowledge based technology Sepehr Parmis is one of the masterpieces that produced in the company and is unique in the world, That thanks to Almighty God, with taking advantage of modern technology, as a proper nutrition for plants and improving physical and chemical conditions of soil has produced. How to use * This fertilizer can be used in irrigation, spraying and deep placement in the root area. * For all products, spraying a Kg or two liters of fertilizer per 1000 liters of water is recommended. * For best results spraying twice in a season is recommended.
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